Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Connor is 2!!!

I cannot believe our little boy is 2 already! He's just growing up too quickly! I think he had a great time enjoying the festivities this year. I put up some streamers in one of our doorways and tons of balloons. The streamer doorway was a huge success and every time I'd blow up a balloon Connor would say, "uh, there it is, balloon!" We ended up celebrating his Birthday over two days, but I don't think Connor minded one bit!   
Having a blast running through the streamers.

Going SO fast!!!

The decorations. Connor really loved the balloons on the fan.

Connor enjoyed all the car themed cars that were sent. Jen, he really wanted your's to come off.

The car cake! Connor loved it and I loved the way it turned out too! 

Connor could hardly wait to pluck those cars off. I think he liked playing with the cars more then he liked eating the cake!

Connor discovered the presents!

Connor loves basketball and get's frustrated that he isn't tall enough to put the ball in the basket by himself, so Chris and I thought this was perfect and Connor seemed to agree. 

Trying so hard to get the ball in the basket. We ended up lower it one notch and he loves it. Connor and I go to the rec center about once a week and before we leave we always watch the basketball courts for a few minutes.

Oh man, a new cuddly animal to snuggle! The first thing he said when he pulled this out was 'soft.'

Bows are still interesting.

Yay, puzzles! 

Mom, put too much tape on this one, but he definitely get's the open the package idea these days!

He was really confused as to why we were all singing to him.

He could have cared less about those candles, he really just wanted the cars! Chris had to save his sleeve from the candles, but Connor did blow the candles out all by himself though. 

Connor's little party guests. It was a fun evening.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Connor's First Swim Lessons

Chris and I enrolled Connor in swim lessons last month and he had a blast at them! The class was really geared towards getting the little ones comfortable in the water and some pool safety. Connor let me fully immerse him several times each class without getting upset. He practiced kicking and blowing bubbles in the water. The pool even had a 'river' so I could pull Connor along and have him kick. The pictures below are from the day we spent in the shallow section of the pool pretending to be crocodiles!   
Connor showing how brave he is by picking up the sinking disk from the bottom.

Being crocodiles! We're on the hunt for fish!

Little crocodile found a fish!

Still being crocodiles (Connor REALLY liked that).

Connor and Mom right after a full immersion dunk (for Connor). 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fall Family Pictures

It's that time of year again. The time where I drag my family out for fall pictures together! We have a friend here that is getting into photography and offered to take our pictures. We think she did a fantastic job! Between Connor's naps (no one whats a grumpy baby at a photo shoot) and Chris's work schedule it's hard to get the lighting and leaf color timing just right, but I think we did pretty good this year. I definitely miss the orange and red from Ann Arbor, but fall is still pretty here, short, but pretty. I can't wait to get these printed up!

I just love this one!

I can't decided if I like this one or the first one better. They are both really nice.

A fun shot. 

Halloween (a little late)

I debated and debated on what to make Connor be for Halloween this year.  He is REALLY into cars, but I didn't think he would enjoy running around in a box shaped like a car (I honestly don't think he would have left it on). The costume also had to be something I could make. Chris's mom made all their Halloween costumes growing up and I've seen pictures. They were very creative and cute, so the bar was pretty high...

We went with Peter Pan and I have to say Connor made a very adorable Peter Pan.  Chris and I thought about dressing up as other cast members (Captain hook and Smee), but time just wasn't in our favor by the time I got Connor's costume figured out.  We did take Connor to a few homes to trick or treat and he did pretty well with it.  I think he had more fun looking at all the decorations.  One house had a strobe light and he thought that was AMAZING.  He completely forgot to go and get a treat! We did let him have some M&M's but that was about it. Anyway, here's out cute boy!

We went up and had lunch with Chris on Campus.  Connor was a huge hit with all the students and staff.

Posing for mom.

Our car all decorated up for the trunk or treat. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our Summer

Sorry it's been so long since I posted anything. Our schedule just hasn't been the same since our move.  Here are some of our favorite pictures and adventures from this summer.
Connor and Daddy having fun at a friends baby shower.

Just a cute picture of our sweet little boy.

Chris's graduation! Yay, he's officially a dentist! Way to go hon! 

Our first dinner out in Denver.  Chris and I went here on one of our first dates.  It's still fun years later.

Connor first trip to the Denver Zoo.  I think he had more fun people watching then seeing the animals, but overall it was a hit.

Taking a break from the stroller. 

This tiger was being very photogenic! 

Connor's height compared to a polar bear.  He's so tiny!!!

Mommy and Connor.

Having fun at the Zoo!

Caught reading! This little boy loves to look at his books.

Playing ball the family reunion in Star Valley.

Just an adorable boy!

Connor's first bonfire! 

The beautiful view from the cabin where we had our bonfire.

Such a cute little family!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Big ONE!!!

Chris and I just can't believe we now have a one year old.  This past year went by so quickly and Connor is growing up too fast!.  In honor of his first Birthday we threw him a little party, well let's be honest it was mostly for us!  Connor did have a really great time though.  This was the first time that he has actually been interested in 'playing' with other kids.  We put balloons up and Connor really enjoyed that.  I blew up some extras just so he could crawl around and hit them.  It was adorable watching him chase them around the room.  I made Connor a carrot cake smash cake. I really though he would have fun smashing it, but he really wan't that into it.  He didn't like the frosting on his fingers.  He did eat some, but I had to feed it to him.  He loved opening his gifts and was great about sharing his new toys with his little friends!  All in all I think his first Birthday party was a success!
Connor and Ella playing with bristle blocks before dinner. She will be 18 months next month.

Connor and Jane enjoying some bubbles.  These were actually his party favors, and everyone loved them.  Can't go wrong with bubbles!

The smash cake!

First touch!

Not so sure about this.

Mmmmm, tastes good!

A happy and relatively clean baby boy!

Cake on the face!

Ella and Jane were so excited about this gift.  Connor was too, but he was happy to share.

All three playing.